The decision to start your practice or purchase an existing one is a major career move. Everything, from the location to marketing, should be on your list of things to accomplish. This article will serve as a guide to planning and designing your dental practice interiors, which include a checklist of the necessary dental equipment.

The healthcare interior design has dramatically evolved over the past few years.  According to Forbes, most dental practice startups work with dental suppliers who can provide interior design options and supply equipment. A partnership with a dental supplier is essential to ensuring regular inspections and upgrades for the dental practice healthcare space.

Here is an overview of the fundamental areas and equipment of a dental practice:

Waiting Room

The comfortable waiting room of a dental practice helps ease the nerve and anxiety of patients while waiting for their dentist appointment. A comfortable waiting room can easily be put together by using inviting furniture and entertainment.

When selecting furniture for the waiting room, think of a motif or theme for consistency – look for warm and inviting colours that are easy on the eyes. Ideally, the waiting room should feel more like a living room than an office and incorporating elements like plants and natural lighting can create an effect of familiarity.

You do not have to spend a fortune to provide entertainment for patients. Reading materials like magazines and newspapers can help pass the time. For younger patients, a collection of games and puzzles are also an excellent idea for distraction.

Treatment Room

The treatment or operation room of a dental practice essentially contains the same components, but the arrangement is vital to maximising efficiency. The arrangement of your unit, the patient’s chair, hand instrument table and worktop is the key to improving productivity.

To see all the surfaces of the teeth, the 9 to 12 o’ clock positions should be accessible. This means placing the worktop and hand instrument table at the 1 and 6 o’clock position respectively. You can sit between the 9 to 12 o’clock positions or at the three o’ clock position and alternate with your assistant for better access around the patient and the necessary tools.

Check if you have the complete equipment for the treatment room. These must include:

  • Patient’s Chair
  • Dentist’s Chair
  • Assistant’s Chair
  • Overhead/Ceiling Light
  • Delivery System
  • Doctor/Assistant Computer and Screen
  • Patient Monitor Screen
  • Tirturator
  • Autoclave
  • Compressor
  • Vacuum
  • Water Filler
  • Remote Control Panel

Choose a trusted dental equipment supplier to help you design the space of your dental practice.

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