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Crystal Tip disposable air/water syringe tips


Crystal Tip, the premier disposable air/water syringe tip in Dentistry, guaranteeing air/water separation.

That’s right, a $250 Working Guarantee! No other syringe tip manufacturer backs their product the way we do. If you have set up your system correctly, with the proper syringe and O-Rings, Crystal Tip will pay you $250 if Crystal Tips do not work properly. See details on www.crystaltip.com

We offer free Adapters for every brand of Air/water Syringe and as many as you need!

When you buy Crystal Tips we reward you! From iPods to iMacs, Crystal Tip Rewards are unbeatable!

We will be happy to send you samples so you can see why Crystal Tip is The One That Works!!!

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The World’s greatest disposable Triplex Tip

There are a lot of reasons to make the switch to Crystal Tip disposable air/water syringe tips. Whether you are currently using metal tips, or some other brand of disposable tip, Crystal Tip is the right choice. It is “The One That Works!” From our unique range of colors, to our TOTAL air/water separation; from our compatible design with metal tips to our incredible rewards program. When you make the switch to Crystal Tip, you are making a change for the better. You are getting the best!

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The one that works!

Contamination Free

Inner core water chamber seats into syringe eliminating water contamination

Unique Quad Air Core

Unique Quad Air Core design ensures instant dry air, prevents cross contamination, and delivers superior air/water spray. Bevelled edges ensures patient safety.


Patient angle is identical to metal tip, providing ideal placement of tip anywhere in patients mouth.


O-Ring groove secures tip lock for patient safety and eliminates leakage.

Quality Construction


Made with FDA approved plastic, the translucent colours allows you to see if any water is in the air chamber

Bevelled Edges

Bevelled edges prevent wear and tear on O-Rings and ensure patient safety

Disposable Tips

Crystal Tips

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A Scary Thought…

Study confirms Autoclavable Triplex Tips are not safe for Dental Practices… Australian Dental Journal have released a scientific study showing that metal tips, even when autoclaved, still contain live bacteria.

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