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No dentist’s practice can operate without an ultrasonic unit for the thorough cleaning of instruments before sterilization, and of dental drills and hand instruments after use.
The Elma ultrasonic baths and accessory equipment are perfect for any special cleaning task in a dentist’s practice.

Elma Features:
•  Electronic time and temperature control
•  Auto-start temperature-controlled / temperature pre-selection
•  High-performance transducer systems
•  Dry run proof ceramic heating
•  Quick degassing with Autodegas / Degas
•  Improved cleaning performance with Sweep
•  Safety switch-off

State-of-the-art technology

The Elmasonic S ultrasonic baths offer practically every available technical feature. Now the units of the new series increase the ultrasonic effect further to obtain even better results. The materials used and the reliable technology prolong the service life of the units. The new design combines more functionality with modern looks.

Sweep and Degas

The basis of nearly perfect cleaning processes with Ultrasonic Baths is the Elma high-performance transducer system with 37 kHz.

The Sweep function, developed in the Elma laboratories, guarantees a homogeneous sound field distribution by way of continuous shifting of the sound field maxima.

The Degas function available on the new units accelerates very efficiently the degassing process in the cleaning liquid, particularly in freshly mixed baths. Autodegas is recommended before starting the cleaning process, Degas for special tasks. Both can be switched on by hand.

Elmasonic S-70

Space efficient design.
The narrow profile “backbencher” allows you to use more of your bench by sitting up against the wall, or even in a corner.

Fits over 3 sets of instruments, length wise.

Efficient cleaning with SWEEP ZONE Technology. This optimises the distribution of sound waves, eliminating “dead spots” within the tank. The cleaning result will be the same every time

3-Year guarantee. 
Elma Germany is synonymous
with reliability.

Elmasonic S-30

Clearly the favoured unit in the dental branch. All standard instruments easily fit into the 3 litre tank. Optionally the unit can be operated with 2 beakers for the simultaneous cleaning
of different instruments, e.g. drills or dentures. Special Elma feature: even the small units (from S30) are fitted with a convenient drain duct. It is no longer necessary to carry the unit to a sink and pour the used liquid out.

Elmasonic S-60

Powerful unit for high standards. The large tank with a service volume of 6 litres can easily take large quantities of instruments for cleaning in one cleaning cycle.

Elma – Designed to Excel

Elma Ultrasonic Baths are the pinnacle of bench-top Ultrasonics.

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