UnicLine Mobile dental treatment center

A complete dental treatment center – fully equipped with instrument table with 2 motors, 3-function syringe, scaler and polymerisation lamp.

The dental treatment center cabinet contains amalgam separator, compressor and separate tanks for fresh water.

Only needs to be plugged in to be operational!

The UNICLine Mobile unit offers the ideal solution for dental care at military healthcare facilities, nursing homes, schools and emergency facilities.

Effective for all mobile treatments without compromise, the UNICLine Mobile can be assembled from box to fully operational within 15 minutes, presenting the same hygienic and ergonomic conditions as a stationary clinic.

Includes the following:

• Unit

• Instrument table

• OP-Light

• Operation chair

• X-ray

Dental Chair and Equipment

Heka Dental Chair

UNICline Mobile

You will not feel the difference to stationary equipment

Ideal for dental care at school, nursing homes, companies and army facilities as well as for emergency treatment. Practically all places where there is a need for mobile treatment without having to compromise

Everything on wheels

The transport boxes are specially designed with separate spaces lined with polyester foam All parts are stored firmly and safely during transport.

Arm, instrument, table, foot control and OP Lamp in one box. X-ray with a timer in the separate transport box.

UnicLine mobile – from boxes to clinic in less than 15 minutes

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