Vacuklav 40 B+ Evolution

The premium quick steam sterilizer – new with DRYtelligence

Ideal for all those practices seeking to sterilize wrapped instruments in a Quick-Program B in only 20 minutes and unwrapped instruments in only 10 minutes. Both times includes fractionated pre-vacuum and drying. The patented intelligent drying system DRYtelligence uses especially-developed algorithms to adapt the drying cycle to the load in order to shorten the operating times even further and save resources. The intuitive operating concept means easy and safe operation via the  XXL colour-touch display. Quick and easy program location and selection; easy documentation; avoid malfunctions.

Melag Premium Plus Evolution Steriliser

Patented double-jacket technology brings the fastest of operating times

With patented DRYtelligence – intelligent drying for every loading configuration

Documentation, approval and traceability via XXL colour-touch display with intuitive operating interface
Maximum load quantity 9 kg and fixed water connection for cooling of the especially high-performance vacuum system

MELAG. Sterilize in Confidence

These B class autoclaves feature time and cost saving advantages and are efficient and operator friendly. The design of these units encourages a positive attitude on the part of the operator, promotes ease of use and visual attractiveness. The Vacuquick has a small footprint and compact size and can handle full practice load with super spee

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