A Simple Addition with Optimal Image Definition

Leveraging experience in all sectors of 2D and 3D CBCT dental radiology, Villa is proud to introduce to its imaging product line the Videograph intraoral sensor. Superior image quality is guaranteed via high-definition, a theoretical resolution of >25lp/mm associated to 14 bit grey levels. Accompanying software further lends itself to image perfection as a color gauge on the finished image allows you to determine your optimal x-ray parameters. Additionally, image modification through Quickvision, standard software for the Videograph, enables you to refine images through contrast, brightness and gamma values to your preference.

The Videograph HD utilizes CMOS sensor technology with a fiber optic, scintillator, and shock absorption area that all together enable efficient, effective and long lasting solutions for your diagnostic needs.

  • Quickvision Software and Troll Positioners come standard
  • Full Mouth Series (FMS) with Multi-shot and Bitewing features
  • CMOS sensor technology
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