Scanograph is the new dental scanner of wireless PSP plates by Villa SM.

It has been designed to offer the benefits of PSP plates digital technology and preserve the flexibility and easy use of dental film in intra-oral imaging procedures.
Harness the advantage of instant image availability, no film processing costs and improved work efficiency through a shared multi-room use with Scanograph – the easy and affordable solution for wireless digital imaging.

Fully automated scan process

One of the lightest and most compact PSP Scanners on the market, Scanograph can be easily placed in tight spaces for chair-side operation, effectively maximizing portability within the dental office. Superior ease of use is granted by the fully automatic process: from plate insertion to diagnostic image visualization. When the plate is inserted, the scanner automatically recognizes size number, scans and erases it for new usage, immediately displaying the image on the workstation. The operator is guided first by a multi-color LED indicator showing the status of the system and then by the well-known Villa imaging software.

Wide choice of PSP plates

Scanograph PSP plates have the same size as dental films, maintaining the same flexibility of use and patient comfort. They also have the clear advantage of being reusable, while ensuring excellent diagnostic quality time after time.
Plates are available in size 0, 1, 2 and 3, to meet all demands of today’s dental professional seeking diagnostic intra-oral solutions. Additionally, the double protection system of the PSP ensures each patient’s hygienic safety while extending plate life.

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