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Great dentistry needs a great handpiece. At Dentec NZ, we carry lube free air turbine handpieces and micromotors from industry leading brand NSK. Designed for precision, comfort and powerful performance, the superior engines are preferred by dental technicians worldwide.

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Presto Aqua Lux

The Presto Aqua Lux combines light with water technology to offer precise control across a broad area. It features an on-off function of LED light and water coolant spray. From mist to drops, it provides complete spray control and its near-daylight LED technology illuminates with pinpoint accuracy. It can run while connected to mains water supply or independently with its incorporated water bottle.

Presto Aqua II

Similar to the Lux version, the Presto Aqua II features simple and easy removal of the water bottle. The major upgrade with this version is that it offers seamless adjustments between spray air and water volume.

Presto Ultimate XL

With a 180° vector control system and ripple-free smooth rotation, the Presto Ultimate XL allows you to work stress-free and more efficiently. Its shape has been specifically designed to provide excellent ergonomics and functionality. The result is an innovative handpiece that considerably reduces hand fatigue, making it easier for dental professionals to work on even the most delicate jobs for long periods of time.

Experience unprecedented smoothness, power and performance with Dentec NZ’s range of dental surgery handpieces from NSK. As a leading provider of dental fitouts and equipment in NZ, we have serviced the specialised needs of dental and medical professionals for many years.

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