Handpiece Maintenance Surgery

The handpiece is one of the most fundamental pieces of equipment used in dentistry. This innovative device is used to improve dental services through technological advancements. The handpiece is constantly redesigned and upgraded to be more effective and efficient. However, just like any machine, it needs to be properly cared for and maintained. This is to ensure that it continues to function the way it was designed to

A handpiece needs to be cleaned regularly after every use for hygienic purposes. Although this can be accomplished manually, there are maintenance systems that are now available for better quality control. The NSK iCare Handpiece Maintenance Machine is an example of such a device. This innovative machine provides dental practitioners with a complete cleaning and lubrication process that will streamline the process. This easy-to-use device is also designed to be compact so that it can fit in any dental office. In addition to this cleaning and lubrication system, NSK developed the Pana Spray to offer dental practitioners a specially formulated lubricant for their handpieces. Frequent application of the spray will ensure the performance and durability of handpieces. The spray was made under stringent safety standards to safeguard the patient’s well-being.

The dental surgical handpieces that Dentec carries and distributes across New Zealand is made by NSK. This UK-based dental equipment manufacturer designs,develops and creates world-class equipment that aims to improve dental practices. Its range of innovative equipment, particularly its surgical handpieces, are crafted using the latest technology available to ensure its quality and performance.