Dental Instruments

Focused on delivering quality product, service and community experience, Dentec NZ is your partner in providing patients with elevated dental health care. Our range of dental instruments is sourced from the dental industry’s market leaders and are offered at great value.

Each instrument is selected for its superior quality, longevity and performance. More importantly, each is selected to help dental practitioners perform at their best.

Maximise the efficiency, care, success as well as the profitability of your dental practice with Dentec NZ.

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Dental instruments designed for you and your patients

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At Dentec NZ, we strive to provide the most complete offering of quality dental instruments from leading manufacturers. Our dental instruments were hand selected for being easier to use, more efficient and putting less stress on your patients over their competition in the market.

With our philosophy ‘exceeding expectations in everything we do’, we do thorough research to ensure that our range of instruments is made with a high level of craftsmanship. We take pride in offering instruments that are meticulously moulded, treated, sharpened and made with best-in-class materials.

The solutions you require, the level of professionalism you deserve

Dentec NZ serves New Zealand’s dental practices with the aim of meeting their every sourcing and fitout needs at the level of professionalism they deserve. From ensuring the safety and sanitation of your tools and equipment to creating a welcoming and calming surgery atmosphere, you can consider us your partner in providing your patients with the highest level of care.

We are the only company in New Zealand to offer both dental equipment supply and dental practice fitout. We have in-house designers, engineers and project managers. No need to stress over different suppliers or contractors. You only have to get in touch with us and we’ll ensure seamless coordination among our teams.

We also offer full aftersales services. Our team will help you maintain your dental equipment and ensure that your practice’s long-term needs are met.

For premium fit out services and high-performance dental instruments in NZ, send us a message and our team will get in touch with you shortly.