Like with any business, the look of your workplace affects your patients’ overall experience and their perception of your practice. Aside from having excellent services, a dental practice should look organised, appealing and comfortable.

The dental practices of yesteryear used to be colourless, boring and sometimes intimidating spaces. Thankfully, healthcare interior design has improved over the past two decades. Dental practices are now being transformed into cheerful, comforting and cleaner environments with the use of pleasing colours, textures, contemporary interiors and compatible artwork.

Patient comfort and satisfaction

Patients do not usually have the knowledge and expertise to properly evaluate the clinical skills of their dentist. Most times, the level of satisfaction and comfort of patients are shaped by how they perceive the environment and staff. Patients are more likely to feel satisfaction and comfort in a practice that has friendly staff and dentists, as well as a safe environment. For example, a patient is likely to feel more satisfied with a practice if their experience starting from the waiting room up to the dental chair made was comfortable.

It is also important to maintain a clean office and rooms to make sure that patients won’t feel uncomfortable. An unorganised and cluttered practice can reflect badly on dentists and staff. According to the Dental Product Report, 69 per cent of doctors believe that a well-designed office is a reflection of the competence of a practice and its dentists. It is important to have an innovative interior design that does not only attract patients but also keep them visiting the practice regularly.

Higher Staff Efficiency

An effective interior design ensures that there are adequate areas for certain purposes. This includes personal offices for dentists, consultation rooms, treatment rooms, operating rooms and separate preparatory rooms. Allocating areas for different functions ensures that appointments will be finished on time, unlike with having shared rooms where patients of a certain dentist have to wait for the other dentist to finish. Patients are less likely to feel anxiety when confidential information is being discussed. This gives patient the impression of doctors’ care as they have space where they can privately talk to either the dentists or staff.

Separate preparatory rooms and treatment and surgical rooms do not only ease patients’ anxiety towards the medical procedure, it also increases staff’s productivity and efficiency.

Design and Fit-out Specialists at Dentec NZ

Give your patients the best dental experience with our design and fit-out services. We provide practices with plans that incorporate principles of architectural design, ergonomics, clinical functions and technology integration – all within the scope of your budget. Our work always results in designs that express a practice’s brand of service all while meeting the needs of patients and staff.

We supply dental equipment and products and we have a team of technicians to address your aftersales needs. We are New Zealand’s leading equipment supply and installation company. Our team incorporates unparalleled customer service and workmanship to provide our clients with high levels of professionalism in our projects.

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